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·finishing the 580mm roll series...
·export 3 sets of pinch roll ...
·1380 roll series...

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热处理工艺操作员   2009/3/20
维修电工   2009/3/20
无损探伤人员   2006/11/30
车床工   2006/10/24
磨床工   2006/10/24
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      Wuxi Huake Special steel Co.,LTD. is by our country rolle profession Senior Mr.Zhang Weixin a high tech privately operated enterprise which organizes in 2004,specialized production each kind Of model and material quality roller.The company is located to the Wuxi city newly developed area great wild goose mountain town,the transportation is convenient, left near Wuxi airport(10 minutes distances), right near Shanghai and Nanjing high speed of New District Exit(5 minutes distances).At the first. ...
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