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           Roller Operating Instructions  

1. 1. rollers in the transporting process prevented receives any damage.
2. rollers should store in the dry well ventilated room, prevents tobe affected with damp, the surface should spread the pickling oil.
Before 3. rollers uses, should delete the superficial greasy dirt, thedust and the rusty stain, then carries on the conventionalexamination, specially should carefully inspect it and the rollneck surface whether has delimits flaw and so on mark, indentation,rust spot, crack, does not allow to have the surface defect the rollerhands-on use.
4. rollers put into before the use to be supposed to establish theroller quality card, records the roller roller number, thespecification size and the correlation detection result, and filesaway the historic record.
5. installs the roller to be supposed to be extremely careful,prevented the abrasion or bumps into and injures the roller surface.
In front of 6. rolling should carefully inspect the rollingsemifinished materials the quality, strictly carries on the operationin the rolling according to the rolling craft, prevents the excessload rolling.
7. gets off an aircraft the hot roller not to be possible to pile upin the wet cold ground, and should avoid between the roller mutuallycolliding.
8. establishments trades the roller to rub truncates the system,disposes reasonably trades the roller cycle, matches by iscorresponding not damages the examination method (turbulent flow,magnetic powder, ultrasonic wave and so on), auxiliary reasonableresharpens the quantity by degree of hardness examinationdetermination and rubs truncates the craft.
9. resharpens when the work roller, each time smallest resharpens thequantity to probably to be able guarantee the weary level elimination,this depth generally is 0.15-0.30mm.
After Roller works period of time, should thoroughly eliminate thewool surface layer and the weary level (this depth generally is2-5mm), guards against flaking.
The roller resharpens, but also should pay attention pairs the rollerroller to have to satisfy the design request.
10. Installing equipment uses the new roller (including newly to rubtruncates roller, stops using period of time in a big way rollers),the rolling speed, rolls over the band width, presses when thequantity is big, the roller should carry on preheating.
11. resharpens after to wait the hands-on roller to be supposed to payattention guards against the rust, is strictly prohibiting theplacement.
After 12. rollers each time resharpen should record resharpen thequantity, this rolling type, the specification, the rollingquantity, resharpen the reason (for example normally to trade roller,to change specification to trade roller, to scratch, flaking, stickssteel, crack and so on).

Should according to the rolling material, press thequantity, the rolling speed and so on, reasonably selects it degree of hardness, roughness suitable roller installingequipment use. Uses the roller the principle is: New (high degree ofhardness) the roller is suitable for the wide band, the thin belt; Old (low degree of hardness) the roller is suitable for thenarrow band, the thick belt . The roller must implement theprinciple which the extension telephone uses, evades the rabbit tomisuse mixes uses, does not have fine to do thickly uses.
The roll neck should have the good lubrication and cooling, hasprevented the hot damage surface. The inspection mechanical part,prevented causes the roller unusual early time expiration because ofthe equipment accident.
When rolling the roller should have full cooling and the lubrication,prevents because the roller partial heat, causes degree of hardness todrop, produces the crack.
The rolling must be pure, prevented runs, folds rolls over or leadsthe foreign matter, prevented the corrosion product inserts the metal.
The regular service, the inspection and the monitoring, avoid the belt"sickness" the equipment movement, the long-term extended active duty.Pays attention quakeproof, guarantees the roller to work under thegood condition

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